Sharon Telatnik has a hobby she loves - PHOTOGRAPHY
She started photography with a seminar at the Disney Institute in Orlando Florida; then continued photography classes with different instructors. She continues discovering new ideas and techniques while a member of the Westbridge Camera Club.
Sharon's photography has been seen in local magazines such as The Westerville Magazine, Metro Parks Magazines, and The Ohio State Parks Magazine. She has been jury selected and has received various awards in local exhibitions such as The Ohio State Fair.

The adventure of photography has taken Sharon into some interesting places such as the time she was photographing graffiti on the side of a building and was invited inside to find, to her surprise, a tattoo parlor and was given a tour of graffiti throughout the inside of the building.

Sharon loves the diversity in photography from the beauty in flowers to the beauty in graffiti and old abandon buildings, and from the closeness of the Macro lens to the distance of the Zoom lens. She likes to shoot everything and anything. She has learned to look at the world through the eyes of the camera. She loves to work with the photos on the computer to create her own “computer art”.
She can be contacted by email or by phone 614-891-7022.
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